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14 March 2007 @ 01:07 pm
promo time  
yea i don't do this... ever. it's a one time thing i promise :)

an icontest community for the upcoming showtime series the tudors! (which you can watch the 1st episode of online at the showtime website on the 19th!)

song sharing comm made by firheruwen, layout by meee

and more icons and resources coming soon I PROMISE. i'm making some bigger textures right now...

if you have any requests for icon subjects and any certain type of resources, please leave a comment and i'll try and make it happen! :)

ps. 30 seconds to mars = amazing.. i saw them last night, as well as the other bands on the taste of chaos tour.. and wow. so worth driving 7 hours.
Current Music: 30 seconds to mars - fallen