star wars - party time!

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Hey guys.. Just making this post so things are easily accessible and what not.

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Yayyy!! Over 400 people have friended my journal!! Thank you all! :D

38 Disney
16 Disney Castles
02 Hayden Christensen
15 Harry Potter
12 Kristen Bell
05 Pirates of the Caribbean
05 Stock

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In addition my Cindy 100 has been updated.

Also, I've seen alot of my icons popping up as bumper stickers or pieces of flair on facebook.... Let me know if you are doing this!
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hp - voldy can't stop the rock!

textures and icons!

My first resource post in AGES!! :) Do enjoy, and know comments are love! :)


07 Disney
11 Harry Potter
03 Kristen Bell
05 Stock

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Please credit me if you use any of my resources or icons. Thank you! :) And comments = love.
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hp - dumbledore

magical icons! disney, enchanted, potter, and stock!

Another batch of icons! (And alot sooner than usual!) If you haven't seen Enchanted, you really should go see it! Absolutely adorable!

And edited to add these:

download here

Comments are love yall :) Enjoy!

15 Holiday Icons
15 Disney Misc
15 Enchanted
25 Harry Potter
01 Harry Potter Banner
06 Jack Davenport
10 Stock

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across the universe - jude b&w

textures and icons (attacked by light textures) :)

Oh my goodness. Has it really been almost 2 months since my last post?! Crazy. Anyway, presents. I have used the textures in this set soo many times and I think it's time to share. I do hope you all like them.. :) Please let me know if you take this set.

download here
please comment if you take this set, thank you!! :)

10 Halloween @ Disney
03 Across the Universe
02 Cowboy Bebop
06 Harry Potter
02 Enchanted
14 Harry Potter
01 Hercules
05 Jack Davenport
05 Keira Knightley
10 Pirates of the Caribbean
10 Stock

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jack sparrow and me at disney

icons & light textures

Hi everyone! This is a veryyy small icon post, but I have PRESENTS! Requests have been made and I have a new light texture set! It's called the Pirate & Princess set because it was taken from pictures I took at Disney's Pirate & Princess party. The set is made from fireworks, floats, random light fixtures, etc. I've used this set alot in this post. Enjoy :)


07 30 Seconds to Mars
01 Ashley Tisdale
04 Cowboy Bebop
06 Harry Potter
01 Hayden Christensen
06 Jack Davenport
04 Keira Knightley
03 Koda Kumi
04 Lost
03 Pirates of the Caribbean
02 Star Wars
09 Stock
01 Utena

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the fifth element


So my last request post was in 2005. It is time for an update. :D Just leave a comment here if you have a request for any icons, tuturials, resources (which I will try my best to make).

If you are asking for a tutorial for an icon I have made, please let me know which one in the comment by

If you are requesting an icon, please try and provide me with images, colors, text, fonts, whatever that you would like me to use. :)

I'll try my best to fulfill everyone's request! :D
ashley tisdale - black and white

icons, gerry, sirius & remus, egypt

05 Ashley Tisdale
05 Gerard Butler
26 Harry Potter
02 Hayden Christensen
02 Jack Davenport
04 Lost
01 Leon: The Professional
02 Nana
08 Pirates of the Caribbean
32 Stock
08 Wet Hot American Summer

Yea.. I went crazy with the black border things I made this time around. haha.
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As always, comments are greatly appreciated and loved. :D
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Requests, etc are welcome as well. :D